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Xiamen union capacity electric launch PV XKQD with dc isolation switch

  • XKQD
    XKQD  XKQD系列負荷隔離開關,其額定工作電壓高達DC1000V。它能夠安全的接通和分斷光伏應用領域中的所有低壓電路。開關可帶負荷操作,可作為電源開...
    QSS/QAS/QPS  本系列開關是我司在Q系列開關基礎上開發的新產品。開關的額定工作電壓為AC380V-AC690V,適用于交流50Hz,額定工作電流從63A至3150A。開關主...
  • XKQA
    XKQA XKQA系列負荷隔離開關,適用于直流500V及以下的電路中,額定工作電流從125A-1000A。其使用類別可至DC-23B。適合高壓直流電源及UPS等應用場合。其可...
  • QA
    QA QA系列隔離開關是一種手動操作的負荷隔離開關。適用于配電電路和電動機電路中,作為手動不頻繁操作的電源負荷開關、隔離開關和應急開關。開關適用于交...
  • XKQF
    XKQF XKQF系列隔離開關是我司累積多年研發及制造經驗全新推出的工業級隔離開關,其使用類別可達到最高等級AC-23A。 適用于交流50Hz,額定工作電壓690V...
  • QSA
    QSA  QSA系列負荷隔離開關熔斷器組,是一種手動操作的熔斷器組合電器。適用于交流50Hz,額定工作電流從63A-1250A。其由熔斷體和開關兩組動觸頭串...
  • QP
    QP QP系列隔離開關是一種手動操作的負荷隔離開關。適用于配電電路和電動機電路中,作為手動不頻繁操作的電源負荷開關、隔離開關和應急開關。開關適用于交...
  • XKQS
    XKQS  XKQS - 800 - a visual type isolating switch rated current, rated voltage 690 vac.Applicable to power box (cabinet) into the...
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      Xiamen union electric co., LTD., formerly affiliated with electric control equipment factory in xiamen (xiamen), electric control equipment factory in xiamen in 2001 approved by the xiamen municipal government after the restructuring, xiamen union capacity electric co., LTD from the original mansion control factory inherits the technical strength and industrial advantages, the specialty is engaged in the low voltage switch electric equipment research and development, manufacture, sales and service, committed to the development of "XK" mansion accused of national electrician brand.Companies adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, create the high-quality goods" the product idea, cutting-edge products are imported from Europe is located in the industry technology, developed a series of Q switch products and double power source automatic switch.After years of exploration and technology practice, in 2011 successfully developed the rated working current of the world's biggest isolating switch fuse XKQR1600 combination and rated current biggest XKQF5000 isolation switch.Work at the same time develop maximum rated current - 6000 - a double power source automatic switch XKQE6000. Respectively in the field of knife switch and double power supply switch obtained several national patents.Xiamen union for electronic always adhere to the "quality first, credit first" business philosophy.Positive learning advanced total quality management tool, ERP enterprise resource management system, improving manufacturing processes to improve the quality of the company's products."The good faith is supreme" is our commitment to every customer, strict orders and production control, material management to ensure we are able to quickly and efficiently to complete the delivery.We attach great importance to of the optimal products to meet your request, and will continue to provide perfect and meticulous service.Xiamen union capacity electric control at the same time of pay attention to product development and manufacturing, has developed the perfect marketing network and local branches.At present, xiamen union electric sales network throughout the whole of China, and extended to southeast Asia and other regions.Today, xiamen electric heritage mission, actively forge ahead, with the superior brand strength and technology base, leading China technical trend, knife fuse switch products to contribute the development of power industry.
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